5 Stages If You Want To Become An Expert In A Field

5 Stages If You Want To Become An Expert In A Field – An expert is those who have competence in a particular field and become a reference for many parties to learn and source of problem solving.

However, there are stages and processes that you must go through in order to become a competent expert.

On this occasion, we will try to explain the 5 stages that must be passed in order to become an expert in the field you are currently working on.

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5 stages to become an expert



In this stage, you will be asked to follow each rule and also the plan taught.

You also have not been able to handle every job and challenge that exists, and do not yet know how to make judgments based on what you have learned.

Advanced Beginner

At this stage, you have more experience and have begun to be able to interpret different situations.

They use the same approach for different situations because they don’t have enough experience to look deeper at each event.


They will be more thorough in handling every problem that occurs and begin to know how to interpret different situations with flexible plans.


The stages in which a person has been able to solve problems intuitively, constantly adjusts the ways and approaches used, and is able to provide advice and guidance to others based on their knowledge and experience.


They are able to create guidelines and rules for others and know how to deal with unprecedented problems based on their knowledge.

No less important is that they will continue to learn and adapt to the situation.

A Journey You Must Do To Become An Expert

Beginner / Novice Phases

At this stage, you are required to record every experience and knowledge that has been learned.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback from the teacher or mentor and add the information provided to your knowledge record.

Keeping track of what you have learned will make it easier for you to remember what you have learned before.

Stages of Advanced Beginner

The stages where you will learn through exchanging ideas and opinions. The learning process is by participating and interacting with other people.

You can also begin to suggest ways to do things based on what you have learned before.

Stages of Competent

Here you will learn to look at things from various perspectives and suggest different approaches based on what you have learned.

With reflection and ongoing experience in guiding others, you will deepen your knowledge and skills.

Proficient and Expert

An expert never stops learning, they will continue to look for new methods and approaches to various events that occur.

They will reflect on what they can do better and still pay attention to the ever-changing world of information.

If you stop learning at this stage, then you cannot be said to be an expert and competent in the field you are in.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that in each stage, one must always learn and improve the knowledge and skills they have.

Not that when you have become an expert, you stop learning. If you do this, you will not develop and get better.

Learn through various sources such as books, take seminars, attend workshops , or attend training and education.

We hope that the discussion above can provide you with many benefits and inspiration.

Updated: May 14, 2019 — 7:27 pm

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